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Xbox 360 / PS3/ Ninitendo Reball Service

If your console suffers from the RROD / YLOD or graphics problems, this is is the permanent fix for these errors.

Have you been told that your console is un repairable?

This repair can repair most of the previously none repairable consoles. This would depend on the main board not being damage following an amateur repair attempt.

PLEASE NOTE:The Re-Ball Repair is dependant on the motherboard and the pads underneath the chip being in good condition,any previous bad heat gun repairs can have a very negative effect on the fix rate

Reball service £50.00



 Replacement Motherboards  



We aso carry in stock a small amount of repalcement motherboards for the
Xbox 360, PS3 and Nintendo WII please call with any enquires you may have.




Xbox 360 Laser replacement

common problem with the xbox360 is the laser/dvd drive failing. This can be caused buy a number of things. the best and most effective way of fixing it is to replace the laser, here at Revive-IT we repair all Xbox 360 drive problems including a full dvd drive replacement.

Laser replacement £24.99



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