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Data Backup

It is crucial to protect data that is the heart of your business. This is why you have to implement a data backup and recovery plan. Data backup is like an insurance plan. You need to back up your files to protect your company from accidental loss of user data, database corruption, even natural disasters.

Data corruption can occur during transmission or retrieval or through introduction of intended changes in the original data. Viruses or hardware and software incompatibility may alter data integrity. Other factors may include power outages, dust, water or extreme temperatures.

Data loss can occur on any device that is used to store data. When your data is very important, it is better not try for yourself to recover data from a hard disc for example. There are a lot of myths some people believe about hard drive data recovery but you should use professional data recovery, offered by data recovery service specialists. Data recovery companies have the experience and expertise necessary to quickly solve your problem.





Data Recovery

Our technicians are highly skilled in disc data recovery, lost data recovery, corrupted data recovery, and data backup storage. We use professional data recovery software and our data recovery specialists offer technical expertise and value for your data recovery needs.

Our data recovery prices are competitive but you should be aware that the cost of data recovery is not low, as it has to cover professional service performed by data recovery experts.

We can provide formatted data recovery services, partition data recovery, hdd data recovery, laptop or pc data recovery. Our data recovery technicians can perform windows data recovery, deleted data recovery, any disk data recovery, hard disc data recovery, database recovery, file data recovery or disaster recovery.



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We offer computer and laptop repair service in Redditch and surrounding areas.

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Our qualified Expert offers component lever repair on all makes of motherboards and graphics chips. Before going on any repair we will discuss with you and provide you with a quote.

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                                 We offer professional service, cost effective solution and  reliable fast service compare to any other computer and laptop repair companies in Redditch.