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Laptop Repairs

For Laptop repairs or Laptop upgrades, we are the best choice you can make to solve your problems.  We offer Laptop repair service or Notebook repairs. For Laptop Support or Notebook Support, for Repair and replacement of Keyboards, Replacement of damaged screen or any other related problems, contact us to solve your problems quickly and cost-efficiently.

Our company provides full service laptop repair, offering fast and reliable laptop repairs, including upgrade and repair for any laptop down to component level, such as motherboard repair and LCD repair. Laptop computer repairs are not similar. The same repair can vary from model to model.


LCD Replacement

Quite often people spill something on their laptop or drop it and the LCD screen is not working any more. LCD screen repairs & replacement has become cheaper nowadays, with prices dropping for laptop parts, so repairs and replacement have become a valid option.




Over Heating Problems

You will frequently experience overheating problems with your laptop. You might recognize such problems if the cooling fans are working continuously and noisily at maximum speed. Your Laptop may power on with no screen display, may continously beep. we can fix most of these problems with our reballing/reflow service. we can also repair Graphic Cards that may be showing corrupt or no display.

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Motherboard repairs

We can fix most GPU/CPU, North and South bridge problems on both laptops and desktop motherboards etc.




Backlight Problems

Laptop backlight repair might involve taking care of the LCD backlight, which is the source of light that gives you a clearer visual of your screen




Hard Drive Problems

You shouldn’t rush into the decision regarding Hard drive replacement, first let us determine what the issue is.  If your laptop is locking up or running very slow, reporting missing files during the boot up process, hard drive replacement might be the only option.


We also repair the following laptops and many more besides.





Laptop Maintenance

Laptop Maintenance is more difficult than maintaining your desktop computer, because mobile gadgets are more vulnerable to atmospheric conditions and temperature variations. Notebook servicing requires the latest information related to advancements in the mobile computing industry. Our technicians can efficiently deal with the latest notebook computer systems.


DC Power Jack Repair


Repair of DC Power Jack implies the connector through which the power adapter is wired to the device. The DC jack may come loose or gets broken, so the laptop does not receive a good solid power connection. A broken or loose DC jack can cause damage to the laptop motherboard. Replacement of faulty mother boards or faulty screen on a laptop is best handled by our technicians.


Memory Upgrade

Memory upgrades is one of the fastest and most cost effective way to improve the performance of your laptop. One other thing we can do for you is Graphic Card Repair for graphic cards that are no longer under warranty.


Motherboard Replacement

Motherboard replacement & repair is something plenty of users face quite frequently. We offer help to assist you in deciding if the cost of repair is more convenient than that of the replacement.



Keyboard Repair/Replace

Keyboard repair & replacement are best handled by our experts. Replacing the keyboard rather than repairing it could be a lot less expensive some time.


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We offer computer and laptop repair service in Redditch and surrounding areas.

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Our qualified Expert offers component lever repair on all makes of motherboards and graphics chips. Before going on any repair we will discuss with you and provide you with a quote.

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                                 We offer professional service, cost effective solution and  reliable fast service compare to any other computer and laptop repair companies in Redditch.