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Revive IT specialise in Secure IT Equipment Recycling & Data Destruction services. Contrary to the way in which other organisations operate, our service is usually free.

We are based in Redditch and provide our services In the surrounding areas..

 After the introduction of UK WEEE legislation, all organisations and /or institutions will be classed as B2B (Business to Business). End users of non household WEEE will be responsible for the environmentally sound disposal of historic WEEE and in many cases the environmentally sound disposal of recently purchased WEEE. There are potentially serious consequences for you if you do not comply, including fines, bans on your products and even imprisonment.

Save yourself a headache and take advantage of our service which removes this hassle for free. We hold all permits and exemptions required by law to collect, recycle and refurbish your WEEE waste. Many other companies just provide data destruction services as an additional service but to us it is a priority. Any devices that may contain data are subject to our Data Destruction Processes

 We were established in 2001 by a young entrepreneur who saw a gap in the market. Companies were paying to dispose of IT assets that could potentially be reused saving them from landfill. Everything we collect is split up into two initial categories; reusable and obsolete. Everything in the obsolete category gets broken down to the main materials which are plastic, cardboard/paper, circuit boards, metal, cables etc. These materials are then distributed and in some cases sold on to authorised recycling plants in bulk. Reusable equipment is donated to low income families who cant normally afford such equipment, charities and some is sold on to help pay our overheads i.e our storage units, and in turn this allows us to provide a free service. We are a non profit company.

Approximately 90% of what we collect is reused, with the remainder being recycled as materials, so you can be rest assured that you are doing your bit for the environment by using us. With a bit of attention many items can be put back into use, avoiding them ending up in waste sites.

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  • Computer Bases
  • Monitors
  • LCD TV's
  • Servers & Laptops
  • Networking Items
    Assorted cables
    Apple Equipment
    Anything IT Related.
  • We offer a free collection service too.
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