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Our company wants to help other businesses succeed with creative solutions related to their technology needs. If you are looking for computer repair options, Or a Small Office Network, we are the perfect solution.



 Component Level Repairs  


The bottom line of economic repair

When a connector or other integral component on your Laptop / PC fails, the chances are that the whole motherboard will need to be replaced. Outside warranty, that's expensive for you - and it may well put your laptop beyond economic repair.

Or will it?

This has been the familiar story until now. Revive-IT can carry out many of the most commonly occurring repairs to connectors (and certain modem chips) at component level, one of very few service companies in Redditch to do so.

This means for example that outside warranty a broken USB, modem, LAN or power connector no longer need mean the end of the line for your laptop.

The end result is that the cost of repairs for Revive-IT customers is lower on average because an expensive part can now be repaired rather than having to be replaced.

For businesses, it is particularly important because it means that the total cost of ownership of PC's/ laptops is lower in the long run.

If your PC/Llaptop has a defective USB, modem or power connector there's no need to replace the entire motherboard. Call Revive-IT Support on 07799 77 6222 or complete the on-line Service Request for more information on component level repair.


Our Services

We offer ways to protect your valuable data, remotely manage your systems, repair your computers online, on-site and in house. By scheduling all our work, we can offer you the personal attention you need.

We will not charge you just for looking at your computers, there is no charge if we cannot fix a problem.



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We have low, consumer friendly service fees. You can contact us online, schedule an appointment or make a phone call with us and you will be satisfied by the quality service we provide.




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We offer computer and laptop repair service in Redditch and surrounding areas.

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Our qualified Expert offers component lever repair on all makes of motherboards and graphics chips. Before going on any repair we will discuss with you and provide you with a quote.

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                                 We offer professional service, cost effective solution and  reliable fast service compare to any other computer and laptop repair companies in Redditch.