Computer Repair

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What we offer ?

With us you will find the service that is perfect for you.

We can set up your computer, install software applications, configure your Internet configuration and make sure everything works for you.

We can test all of the software and hardware on your computer, diagnose and repair and problems with your PC.

Is your computer running slow? We can diagnose it, perform a system scan to find out what the problem is, remove viruses or Spyware and restore the operating system.


We can help You if you have these problems?

* Computer Crashes ?

* Cant go to the internet ?

* Lost all your files and photos ?

* Cracked Laptop Screen?

* PC/Laptop Won't power up?

* Window and Blue Screen issues

*  Boot and start up Problems








Solve Your problems

In order to avoid being surprised by a computer or system crash, protect all your important data using our service.

We can install any internal or external PC components, such as graphic cards, optical drives, memory, printer, scanner or graphics card and configure it so that it will work perfectly for you.

Is your laptop screen blank when your computer is on? We can  replace the LCD screen, restore your laptop and any of its components.

We offer estimates and repairs or upgrades for any type of computer.  We can perform health checkups on your system, repair your network and replace components. For any hardware problems or failure, for data failure or loss you can rely on us to solve your problems.





where we operate

pc upgrade Redditch





We offer computer and laptop repair service in Redditch and surrounding areas.

what we do

computer hardware Redditch





Our qualified Expert offers component lever repair on all makes of motherboards and graphics chips. Before going on any repair we will discuss with you and provide you with a quote.

what we offer

computer repair Redditch




                                 We offer professional service, cost effective solution and  reliable fast service compare to any other computer and laptop repair companies in Redditch.